About me
Hello! I am Coen Zondervan, I’m a photographer and work in the digital world. I’m a curious person, and am very interested in people and what they do. I observe and see a lot, that becomes an image, usually a photograph, sometimes as a video.

It doesn’t matter that much what medium an image is. The image itself is what counts. The emotion, the moment. Over time I’ve come to look at this differently, and I gave it another meaning.  

My daughter, Megin, is a photographer and filmmaker as well. She graduated the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. We photograph together a lot. With Megin as director, I regularly take a ‘visit’ to moving image. How good does it get?

Out (of) the box
I have always loved photography. Photography was all around me as a child, there are even many pictures of my grandparents. The little box with roll film, belonging to my grandfather, was the first camera I took a photo with.

Next to photography I was interested in a great deal of topics. I started working at Fodor as product manager. There I met Rob Ehbel and Ton van Bruchem, who both worked for Olympus Photo. They gave me tips and tricks, lent me equipment and introduced me to Rob van Heyst. A photographer who, seemingly effortlessly, made stunning images. Both these men were very inspiring. I wanted to do this too! I’ve learned a lot in Rob van Heyst’ studio and realized there that my foundation could be better. Thus I enrolled for the photography class at the Fotovakschool in Apeldoorn.

The world looks different now. I’ve made the change from analog to digital and I am happy about it. It didn’t just happen. I want to know more about the technology. I started my digital discovery journey with childhood friend Leen NIeuwenhout. He was an IT-specialist at TNO and asked me the life changing question: “do you want to use it, or do you want to understand it?”. I answered along the lines of “try to explain it.. I’ll let you know when I’m lost”. I didn’t get lost. Because of that I haven’t just been making photos the last years, but have been involved in developing several e-media projects for companies and government bodies.

When everything comes together
The different disciplines complement each other now. Photography, video, content. It all connects into e-media. Despite the fast pace of the sector, the power of photography has been just as big. Maybe it’s bigger than ever even. And I like that.